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Man built a rotating house to fulfill the wish of his wife, who was not satisfied with the views from the window.

Happy wife, happy life!

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In order to please his wife, who wanted to have a view from all sides of the family house, Vojin Kusić from Srbac in Bosnia, built a house that rotates around its axis. He used his own plans and built the new house entirely by himself.

In the town of Srbac, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a house like no other. Installed on a rotating axis, the house changes window views on demand. This very original house was imagined and built by Vojin Kusic, a 72-year-old retiree.

Associated Press/ Radivoje Pavicic

Vojin and his wife have lived in this house, built with their own hands, since their marriage. When it was built, the rooms were facing south. While the living room was opposite, with its back to the main road.

An arrangement that his wife didn't like too much told the retired handyman to The Associated Press. There was not enough light in the living room and his wife could not see the visitors arriving from the main road.

Vojin then took matters into his own hands and decided to tear down the walls of the bedrooms to make a large living space. When his children left home, Vojin decided it was time to remodel the house.

Associated Press/ Radivoje Pavicic

The retired man had a much big idea for his house. "After my kids took over the family business, I finally had time to make my wife's wish come true," he told The Associated Press.

"Sick" of his wife's complaints, Vojin decided to build a rotating house. "I'm going to build you a rotating house so that you can turn it as you want," he said to his wife.

The handyman built it using electric motors and wheels from a military transport vehicle. It took him six years to build this mechanism, without anyone's help. "It's not an innovation," he told The Associated Press, "it just takes willpower and knowledge, and I had enough time and knowledge."

Associated Press/ Radivoje Pavicic
Associated Press/ Radivoje Pavicic

The house is now rotatable and rotates 360 °. Depending on the controls, the house can run for 24 hours at the slowest speed. Or in 22 seconds at the highest speed. An original house that is also protected from the risk of earthquakes, Vojin says. 

Associated Press/ Radivoje Pavicic

His wife can now change the landscape as she wishes. And hopefully be happy!

As they say, happy wife, happy life!