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Man buys a house for only $2,100 and spends 9 months renovating it for his mom!

You have to see the final result!

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Did you know that you can purchase a house for as little as $1,000 in Detroit? Founded in 2008, the Detroit Land Bank Authority has a mission to return vacant properties in the city to productive use, that means it auctions publicly owned properties and the bidding starts at only $1,000! However, it will take a lot of work to put those houses up to date. That is what Vincent Orr did. Native from Detroit, the young man purchased a house for his mother through the Auction in June 2017 for only $2,100. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Orr explained how he transformed the house with just $40,000 and nine months. The thing is, he has to renovated the house in order to make it compliant with the DLBA and only then he can get the ownership to the home. According to different neighbours, the house had been vacant for about 10 years before Orr put a bid for it. Are you ready to see the transformation?

Vincent Orr purchased the house in the neighbourhood he grew up in. 

The home was in really bad shape when he bought it. As you can see, the porch was torn up, some of the windows were missing, and the roof was caving in.

The inside also needed work and Orr had to replace pipes and walls. 

The after! 

The kitchen cabinets were really old and dirty with some parts missing. 

The after : he installed new all white cabinets, a new countertop and a dishwasher!

The old bathroom was really worn out with graffiti on the walls. Orr did most of the plumbing work himself, very impressive!

The bathroom after: a brand new functional bathroom!

The dinning room before had holes in the wall and damaged hardwood floors. 

The after: Orr decided to put a nice carpet and repaired the wall and painted them a nice neutral colour. 

Orr confessed that the hardest part of the process was finding trusty contractors as he did most of the work himself. He only needed professional help for the roof and HVAC system. 

Orr's renovations of the home were inspected and approved by the Detroit Land Bank Authority and his Mom was able to move in! 

What do you think of his hard work? Given the fact that he did most of the work himself, we are really impress by the dedication and hard work of this young man. Him and his mom can now decorate her lovely house.