Man discovers thousands of nuts hidden by a squirrel under the hood of his truck.

What a surprise! 42 gallons of nuts!

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Bill Fischer, a 56-year-old, from North Dakota, U.S., had a fun surprise waiting for him when he returned home from a four-day work trip. Something was hidden under the hood of his truck; thousands of nuts hidden by a squirrel.

What is even more surprising, is that for eight years, the man has been trying by all means to prevent the rodent from filling his van with nuts:

“I’ve got other vehicles that sit very close to that tree, and it’s always my truck,” Fischer said in an interview with The Washington Post. “I’ve even parked purposely out on the street — as far away as I can from the walnut tree — and they still go find the Avalanche and hide them in there.

When talking to Insider, Fischer revealed that the hardworking rodent has been using his Chevrolet Avalanche since 2013 to stash walnuts in its hood for every two years. But this season’s collection of walnuts was by far the biggest. 

Facebook - Bill Fischer

Indeed, the little creature managed to hide 42 gallons of walnuts in the Chevrolet. A record! 

Unsurprisingly, Bill had a blast cleaning his hood as he picked up the last nut on Friday October 1st. He even said he felt bad about helping "undo" the squirrel's hard work.

According to his Facebook posts, we can say that Bill is finding this whole situation funny, to say the least!

Anyone interested in "hand-picked" walnuts? 

What would you have done if you were Bill? Do you also have to deal with funny little creatures during the fall season?