More than 30 super simple ideas to improve your home

Guests will be jealous

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There are many ingenious tips to easily improve your house.

These 33 ideas will allow you to transform your home not only into a more practical place but also more aesthetic.


With this sun tunnel you can have plenty of light and also save money on your electricity bills. No need to spend a fortune to install large windows, this sun tunnel is perfect.


No need to install baby gates, these Dutch doors are perfect. They are pretty, but also easy to install and inexpensive. In addition, they are also perfect for pets.


These foldable drying racks save a lot of space in a small kitchen!


Adding storage space in long corridors also saves space. In addition, it can be very nice, look at the picture.


To protect children, why not put the outlets behind fake drawers in the kitchen? It's convenient and safe!


For the paper towel roll, why not integrate it into the kitchen countertop? It's nice and practical.


It may be a good idea to install heat-sensitive shower tiles. It's funny!


If you like to lend books, you can build a small "library" in front of your house. It's a good way to connect with your neighbors.


Installing a half table in your bathroom can also be a good idea. It does not take up space and you can put several things on it.


You can even put the outlets in a drawer! It is safer and you save space.


To store your beauty products for example, do not hesitate to install drawers. This avoids having products all over the bathroom.


Installing seats under the countertop can be a good idea. It's practical and it prevents them from cluttering the space.


Install a pull-out step stool for your kids!


This is also a good way to organize space in the kitchen.


Having a hole in your kitchen countertop allows you to throw garbage directly into the trash. Perfect for cooking!


To make your porch more elegant, a chandelier can be a good idea!


A simple window can brighten up your stairs. This becomes a great place to read and enjoy a hot drink.


This kind of sign indicating the toilet is perfect when you have guests. In this way, they immediately know where the toilets are.


You can also modernize your house numbers. It's much better now!


A closet like this next to your kitchen is perfect to store your cleaning products.


Murphy beds save even more space than bunk beds. And it's even easier to clean the room!


To separate the room of your children, why not put tunnels? In this way, they have their space but can have fun crossing the other side.


These drawers are a very good way to store a maximum of products in a small space. In addition, you can sort them by category and easily find the one you are looking for.


Improve your shower to make it more fun and more enjoyable! You can even turn it into a work of art.


The outlets can also be placed in height. It can be practical and it is also less dangerous for children.


These recessed outlets save space.


Foundations can sometimes be ugly. Why not embellish them with nice bricks for example?


With stainless steel contact paper, you can decorate your appliances. Plus, it's easy to clean!


Put a small door connecting your garage to your kitchen is very convenient to unloading groceries. It changes your life!


Worried because of bacteria? It is possible to have a seat per person! It sounds excessive but it's cleaner like that.


These pull-out drawers are practical because they save space and the objects are easy to grab.


For your cutlery drawer, this kind of drawer is awesome!


Vacuum baseboard is a genius idea! Just sweep all the dirt against the wall and voila!