Mosquitos repellent candle: How to make it step by step

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Mosquitos repellent candle: How to make it step by step

Flies and mosquitoes can quickly become a problem when you want to eat outside, or just spend some time outdoors. Mostly in the evening.

As soon as the sun goes down, the mosquitoes come back bloodthirsty and they are hungry !

You were looking for an effective way to repel these harmful insects, without using toxic products ?

We suggest you to try this candle made of orange peel.

Of course, when peeling your fruit you should be careful not to damage the skin.

That is why we suggest to make the candle with the skin of an orange and not with the tangerine or clementine peels, because the skin of an orange is thicker, so less fragile and less easy to tear.

How to do:

1) Use a knife to make a notch in the center of the orange and gently remove the skin of the fruit. Be careful, don't break the stem that holds the fruit to the skin. This stem will be the wick of your candle.

2) Then pour olive oil into the orange peel and make sure to moisten the stem sufficiently

3) Make an incision in the center of the other half of the skin, that will be the lid of the candle. This incision will act as a "chimney" for the flame and the smoke.

4) Put cloves in the skin that will be used as a lid.

5) Once it is soaked in olive oil, light the candle. It will take at least 20 to 30 seconds before the flame of a lighter can light the 'wick' of the skin, be patient, it is normal. But once lit, this candle will burn for 6 to 8 hours.

6) And then finally, replace the lid on the candle.

Keep all your orange peels for a summer without flies and mosquitoes ! Keep them in a closed Mason jar, after soaking the peels and wicks into oil to make them soft.



See all the details on video :

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