Mother claims his two-year-old can use the oven, cut with real knives and make cups of tea.

She believes it is because of her Montessori parenting style!

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A two-year-old boy from West Sussex may still be a toddler, but he is able to make tea, do laundry and cook lasagna and omelets, the Mirror reports.

Little Jax Taylor's mother Florence decided to raise him using the Montessori Method, which lets children learn and explore independently.

If some believe that this way of doing things is not safe, even downright irresponsible, Florence pleads that she has always been by her boy's side to supervise and make sure that everything is going well.

The young mother adds that involving her boy in the housework makes them spend more time together.

 "I loved the idea of my son being self sufficient, self motivated and developing in his own time in his own way," she told the Mirror.

Facebook - Florence Taylor

"It’s about being there to guide the child but letting them lead the way in their development.

"There’s no praise or punishment, just guidance and natural consequences. There’s also a huge emphasis on what we call 'practical life work' which is daily life activities so laundry, washing up and DIY.

"The main benefits for my family personally is that because I allow my son to join me in cooking, laundry and anything else that he’s interested in, there’s next to no power struggles and he’s a toddler.

"He is very independent, because he’s been allowed to be. Without having to say “mummy’s busy/go play/no you’re too little” all the time, he’s learnt skills that some adults I’ve met don’t even have." she added. 

Facebook - Florence Taylor

The 25-year-old also said that her son knows how to do a full laundry cycle and where to put the soap and fabric softener.

 "My son can, and does, do a full laundry cycle. He knows how to put the right setting on, where to put the pod and softener, and to swap it to the tumble dryer when it’s done.

"I’ve walked into the kitchen to see him moving the washing over to the tumble dryer, and all I had to do was say thank you.

"He's always had an interest in cooking and so I let him. We have toddler safe knives and cookware and he has made a lasagne, bolognese and omelettes pretty much by himself.

"I am always right there to keep him safe. He uses the stove but he knows it’s hot and not to physically touch it and he never has, he even told me to move my hand once because it was on the stove and the stove is hot." 

Facebook - Florence Taylor

"A common saying in the Montessori community is “give as much help as needed, but as little as necessary” and that’s exactly what I do,"  said the mother. 

Facebook - Florence Taylor
Facebook - Florence Taylor

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