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“My 7-year-old son does housework and helps me pay the bills.”

When is it too early to help around the house?

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Every parent raises their children differently, according to what they believe is the best. But is there a right and a wrong way to do it? Probably not, as every kid is different!

However, one mother has been attacked with criticism for the way she is raising her son and the values she passed on to him "too early". While there are those who spoil children, there are also those who are more 'strict'. Perhaps, all they want is to pass on certain values from an early age, such as the importance of sacrifice and responsibility. 

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And this mother chose the second option: on TikTok, she recorded how she taught her 7-year-old son what it means to work and save money. She is doing it in a very "special" way: each week, her son has to help with small household chores, and for each task he manages to accomplish he receives a dollar from his mother. At the end of each week, he counts the money he has earned and splits it between two piles: 'fun money' and 'bills'. 

The mom explained:  "He pays those bills to me. He has his rent, he has electricity for his room and he also has his internet for his iPad." 

"He then understands that throughout the month he has two buckets: he has his fun money and his bill money. It is his responsibility to categorise his money and where he's going to put it into those buckets before the end of the month.

"It has taught him the value of a dollar and responsibility. I'm so pleased with the results. Hopefully, it's something that can help you out as well."

Take a look at the video:


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According to the mother, this method is useful in making the child understand what it means to save money, to make sacrifices, to take care of the house and a method based on a balance between effort and reward. Despite his very young age, the child seems to have already learned something: his mother claims that the money her son gives her for 'bills' goes into a saving account for his future. 

However not everyone agreed with this mother's method! Many other parents believe that it is too early to teach their child certain things. At this age, the child should be thinking about playing and enjoying his childhood, and should not have to work and experience what sacrifice and bills are. 

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And you what do you think? Is it too early?