Natural weed killing recipe that will remove all weeds from your flower beds

Annihilate weeds effortlessly and at a minimal cost

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Are weeds invading the interstices between your concrete slabs? Don't know how to get rid of them without using harmful and corrosive products? You still dare to dream of a way though, to be able to enjoy the view of your concrete slabs and sidewalks like the were on the very first day they were installed, free from all these small clusters of weeds that keep spreading here and there and everywhere over time.

You do not need to spend a fortune in a large garden center nor do you need to expose yourself to toxic chemicals to achieve this.

You can do this by making your own homemade product with items that you probably already have in the house.

Use in areas where you do not want to see anything grow, such as the sidewalk and the spaces between concrete slabs, for example.

It's bio and economic!

Ingredients needed:

1 kg of salt

2 liters of water

3 liters of white vinegar

Steps to follow:

  1. Dissolve all the salt in 2 liters of water by mixing with a stick or spoon.
  2. As soon as the salt is almost completely dissolved, add 3 liters of white vinegar.

You will get 5 liters of anti-grass. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle or watering can.

Spray in strategic areas.

This formula is also effective on moss, provided that it does not rain in the days that follow. If this is the case, protect the treated area with a liner, for example.

It annihilates all undesirable plants except trees and shrubs.

The solution can be preserved for quite some time before losing its effectiveness.


White vinegar is acidic and can harm concrete and limestone.

It must therefore be poured with caution.

This trick has been circulating for a while on the Web and several Internet users have testified to its effectiveness.

One thing is for certain, it costs almost nothing for you to give it a try to see if you'll get rid of those weeds that are so annoying to remove by hand.

Seeing the result, all your neighbors will ask you how you did it! It's up to you to spread the good news!