New Emojis are coming very soon, including a pregnant man.

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Unicode has relevead the list of emojis that are expected to arrive with Emoji version 14.0. The consortium continues its efforts towards a more inclusive representation of society.

Last Thursday, July 15 U Unicode revealed on its blog the new emojis that should arrive with the Emoji version 14.0. The list is subject to further change until September 2021, but few changes are generally made at this point.

We should see all of these new emojis coming in next fall. Among them is a face that melts (under the influence of climate change?), Another that gives a sort of little military salute with its hand, or one that holds back tears while smiling emotionally.

Emoji Unicode

There will also be a new "coral" emoji: “Coral is a symbol often used to discuss climate change, because the rise in temperature has a strong impact on coral reefs,” said Jeremy Burge.


The Unicode consortium also continues to develop its catalog in order to better represent the company and plans to add several emojis in this regard, in particular:

  • The ability to choose two different skin colors on the handshake emoji
  • The "person with a crown", which offers an inclusive alternative to existing "princess" and "prince" emojis
  • The "pregnant man" and "pregnant person" emojis that remind us that transgender men and non-binary people can carry a child

"With these additions, almost all emojis will have a gender neutral option, alongside female and male gender options," Unicode Consortium explains.

The list is an almost final version of the emojis that will be released. No emoji will be added at this point. "It is still possible that small changes or the removal of an emoji will be made by September, but it is quite rare," said Jeremy Burge. The member of the Unicode Emoji subcommittee recalls that the dates on which emojis are deployed vary by OS, device and platform. The first deployments could take place in the last quarter of 2021, "possibly on Pixel smartphones". Between January and June 2022, the new emojis should however be available almost everywhere: Apple or Samsung devices, Twitter platforms, Facebook, etc.

What do you think of the new emojis? Will you be using them?