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New Fall Beauty Trend : Candy Corn-Colored Hair!

A sweet trend for Halloween!

Tips and Crafts

Are you looking to make a change for the fall? Perhaps try a new hair colour? Here's an idea for you: candy corn-colored hair! It might sounds crazy at first, but the final look is actually quite lovely!

Imagine the beautiful colours of the fall foliage, but in your hair. This new Fall trend perfectly blends shades of auburn, red, brown, and blondes making it resemble the famous candy corn candy! 

Katie Harty, a profesionnal hairstylist explains: "This color was inspired by Christina Aguilera's hair in the video for 'Come on Over,'" she says. "What's old is new again, and all the '90s and '00s vibes are coming back, and this trend uses a modern haircut and chunky color placement and to feel trendy, not dated." What do you think?

If you are thinking of making an appointment soon, here is how Harty achieves her famous looks: "I utilized a block coloring technique where I lightened the top and nape area of her hair, and in the interior, I used zig-zag sections to add the red. The tones of the colors were chosen off her natural color palate" she explained. 

But don't worry, you will find a ton of inspiration online! Here are some of our favourites candy corn looks! 

If you are thinking that the previous candy corn inspired looks were too subtle for you, here is a more bold look!

What do you think of this new trend? Do you prefer warm colours for your hair colour?