Next time you go to the beach bring a shower curtain!

This is a great idea if you have kids! You won't worry about drowning ever again!

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Going to the beach is a must for many families during Summer. There is nothing more fun than swimming and building sand castle! However, its not a stress-free activity for same parents that might worry about drowning or not being able to see their children at all times. There is a genius solution for this problem and it cost around $1! Bring a shower curtain to the beach to create your own "private pool" so the kids can have fun in the water while being right next to you! Here's how:


  • Shower curtain liner
  • Bucket
  • Shovel
  • Toys (for the kids)


1. Dig a hole in the sand depending of the age of your kids. They need to have enough room to play! Why not ask them to help in this task?

Source : In Lieu of Preschool

2. Put in the shower liner over the hole and make sure that it is flat against the bottom. Bury the edge of the curtain with sand so it stays in place.

Source : In Lieu of Preschool

3. Get water from the ocean to fill your DIY private pool using the buckets and toys! Get everybody to participate in this task, it's fun! 

Source : In Lieu of Preschool

There you go! You have a pool in the middle of the beach!

The children can safely play next to you, especially if they are still too young to be going to the water alone.

Are you excited for summer time? It's right around the corner!