Nobody thinks about using Vicks Vaporub in summer! And yet, it could be very useful!

You will be able to use it throughout the year!

Tips and Crafts

You usually take out your Vicks Vaporub once or twice a year and it is in the winter time when a family member suffers from a big cold or a big flu?

After seeing this, you will get your Vicks that is hidden at the bottom of the cabinet to place it prominently in the medicine cabinet! Because you will use it, even in summer!

I will even advise you to take one in your summer vacation luggage! It is so useful that it will prevent you from carrying several products! And just for the first tip it's worth it! 

Here are 7 tips to do with Vicks Vaporub:

1) Mosquito and biting:

Vicks Vaporub is a very efficient mosquito repellent! They hate the smell of mint! Apply Vicks on the parts of your body not covered by your clothes: Neck, ankles, etc. Also, thanks to its pain-killing agents, you can relieve the itching by applying a layer of Vicks on the bites if you've been bitten by insects before applying the repellent Vicks!

2) Muscles sore and aching:

It is not uncommon to discover muscles that you have forgotten when you are on vacation because you do activities or sports that you do less often. Massage these muscles with Vicks. The heat effect will soothe the pain.

3) Headaches:

If you do not have a tablet to relieve a headache on holiday, rub your temples with Vicks, a heat effect will be felt and the Vicks that will activate the blood circulation, which will stop your headache.

4) Heavy Feet:

You plan to hike on holidays? But as soon as we take off our shoes in the evening, our feet make us suffer so much that it is difficult to walk! Massage your feet with Vicks and sleep all night with the Vicks and a pair of socks. In the morning your feet will be rested.

5) Pimples and blackheads:

The composition of Vicks Vaporub (Eucalyptus oil and turpentine oil and others) is ideal for treating skin, pimples and blackheads. Apply a thin layer to the affected area before going to sleep.

6) Reddened and irritated skin:

Some sensitive skins have reactions to climate change when traveling. If your skin tends to blush or becomes easily irritated, apply a thin layer of Vicks at bedtime and at sunrise. The Vicks speeds up the healing process and you will see the difference over the days.

7) Sunburn and burning:

The soothing properties will help relieve skin burned by the sun or by accidental burning. The Vicks will also accelerate the healing process. Apply a thin layer to the affected area at bedtime and at sunrise.