Nothing suggests the modern interior that hides behind these walls!

Are you into modern styles, or not at all?

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Do you like modern interiors?

This residence does not suggest anything that is inside. If you are the type to like surprises when entering a house, this one should have a strong impact on you.

The Moderno workshop played an important role in the transformation of this space. Founded in 1997, Atelier Moderno is an architectural and design office that creates interesting environments for architecture and design by manipulating light, materials, etc.

That's exactly what they did with this space! The 205 (it is the name of this project) has been completely transformed. Lovers of the modern style, this residence is for you! We find pure lines, a beautiful light and incredible design!

Come discover what lies behind these walls! Good visit!

Living room

It is when entering the living room that we realize that we are in a modern atmosphere kind of residence. The choice of furnishings, decor, and even the home reflect this aspect.


The kitchen is a work of art in itself! The huge island contains lots of storage and its pristine white counter makes a nice contrast with the wooden cabinets. The counters, where the stove is located, are made of stainless steel.

Open air

This picture shows you another angle of the living room that is open to both the dining room and the very modern kitchen in its design. How do you find the floor?


When we say that the Atelier Moderno architectural studio was playing with brightness, here is a concrete example with this ray of light integrated to the floor.


The bathroom is another room that is worth seeing! What do you think of this modern vanity with built-in flame?

Bathroom, next part

Here is another angle of the room and its incredible vanity and freestanding bath. Do you like this design? Do you like clean lines and a decor that is not too ostentatious?

The room is adjacent to the master bedroom.


This furniture that serves as a bookcase surprises me by its appearance. Here, we dare mixing materials and styles. It feels good to see some wood in this immaculate white decor.


This photo shows that this project has required a lot of work and planning from architects and designers.

Do you like it?

And? How do you find this modern interior? Would you have thought of such an interior from the outside? I was personally greatly surprised!

Feel free to leave us your impressions of the visit.

And also ... are you into modern styles, or not at all?