October will offer us not only one, but two meteor showers

We can make several wishes!

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Published 2 months ago
October will offer us not only one, but two meteor showers
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October will be a good month for astronomy enthusiasts or simply for romantics and the superstitious.

First of all, from October 8th to 9th, the Draconids will be present in our sky. The meteor shower will have a low intensity, about 10 meteors per hour, but it will be interesting to observe. And we can make a few wishes!

What's special about the Draconids is that they will be visible early in the evening and not in the early hours of the morning, as is usually the case with this type of meteor.

Then, the Orionids will come, which are a better opportunity. This shower will be composed of dust grains left behind by the well-known Halley's comet.

We could see up to 20 meteors per hour, under the best conditions.

This phenomenon will be observable from October 2nd to November 7th, but the best moment will be in the night of October 20th to 21st.

It should be known that the first quarter moon may interfere with the observation, but the brightest meteors will still be visible.

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