Offer a nice bookmark! Here are 4 models easy to do

4 models of bookmarks!

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Offer a nice bookmark! Here are 4 models easy to do

You don't know what to offer for Christmas?

You still have some gifts to offer and you don't have any ideas?

Have you thought about making bookmarks?

Everyone or almost everyone likes to read.

You will certainly find someone in your circle of friends or family to offer a bookmark.

And if you needed ideas to make one, here are very pretty projects.

Here are 4 beautiful easy-to-make bookmarks:

1) A gingerbread man cut out of cardboard will be quite charming

Source: craftin geek

2) The felt and your sewing machine will do wonders

Source: Christmas tag

3) Does Scrapbook paper inspire you?

Source: Bookmarks

4) Do you like elf's feet?

You will need:

- Green fimo modeling clay or colored cold porcelain with green acrylic paint

- 2 Chinese chopsticks

- A credit card or plastic card that you no longer use

- Acrylic paint: Green, red, gold and white

- X-Acto knife

- White glue (white school glue)

- A hot glue gun

- Yellow, red and white construction paper

- Silver sequins

- Sandpaper

- Sharpie permanent marker, fine point, black

- Artist paint brushes

How to do:

1) Sand the credit card with sandpaper so that the green acrylic paint adheres well

2) Apply a thin layer of gold acrylic paint to the bottom of the card and paint small dots on the rest of the card

3) Stick the elf's yellow collar on the top of the card and add the sequins on the collar with the hot glue gun

4) Stick the label diagonally on the card with a quote of your choice

5) Cut the Chinese chopsticks with the X-Acto knife and paint them with white and red acrylic paint

6) Form the elf's socks and boots in the Fimo modelling clay or colored cold porcelain with green acrylic paint and stick them with the hot glue gun on the card.

7) Paste small balls of Fimo modelling clay or cold porcelain that you can paint in gold, on the boots with the hot glue gun. (See the model in the closed book)