Paint your broken shutter to create a wonderful decoration for your house

11 Wonderful ideas to see!

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You may have one or two shutters at home lying around in the attic or in the garage?

After seeing this article, you will soon want to try all of these ideas!

You won’t have enough shutters! Because all of these ideas are just amazing! If you run out of shutters, do not buy new ones! Wait for garage sales, go on craigslist etc. ! Get old shutters!


In the living room


Get beautiful wooden letters to make a simple decoration, paint them in black with acrylic paint and glue the letters with a glue gun. To make the shutter look older, apply vaseline before painting it in white. Once the paint is dry, rub a clean cloth where you have applied Vaseline, wood’s natural color will re-appear on the surface.


Place a shutter on a table, it will change the look of the table as well as the decoration of the room! Who thought a shutter could give a nice cosy atmosphere to a room?

In the dining room

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Laying a shutter on a table to make a centerpiece will change the decoration of the table in no time! Quite romantic, isn’t it?


You could even make a nice bench! Simply cover an existing bench with a shutter. Place it on the bench seat and fix it.

In the kitchen


Assemble two shutters to make a bulletin board. Attach it a blackboard and add baskets and hooks. A simple and beautiful idea! 

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Mount the shutters on rails to make sliding doors between the kitchen and the dining room, or the kitchen and the living room. A great idea!


Cut a shutter in two equal parts to make a kitchen island! A fantastic and super economic idea when you think about how much can cost an kitchen island!

In the bathroom


What a lovely idea! Mount a shutter to the wall and attach nice handles and beautiful hooks on so you can hang your towels here.


Attach a basket to it and you will be able to store your toilet paper rolls! It will also be a great decoration for your bathroom!

In the bedroom


Magnificent! Decorate a wall with all sorts of shutters, all painted in nice shades of white. One of the greatest bedroom decorations!

Make a beautiful headboard with shutters! A great idea! I would love it in old white!