People are pulling out filters from their washer and dishwasher and the results are astonishing!

These pictures will want you to go clean your filters ASAP!

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Did you know that almost all common household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers have filters? The main purpose of these appliances is to clean but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be cleaned! 

People on TikTok started to do the experiment of taking the filters out of these machines and it is really gross! If you have a weak stomach, the following pictures might not be for you..or it might motivate you to go do some cleaning!

Here is how to pull the filter out of your dishwasher.

Here is proof that TikTok is actually useful!


Finally convinced my husband TikTok is useful can’t let this fail!! cleaned my dishwasher. ##fyp ##clean ##oregon ##yelling ##foryoupage

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You should go take a look at your filter right now! Once you got it out, here's how to wash it.

Once you are done cleaning the filter from the dishwasher, you should locate the filter on your washing machine! If you still have the manual you get find that useful information in there. If you lost it you can look at these following places to try to find it:

  • In the front of the unit behind a small hatch
  • At the end of the drainage hose
  • Under the cover of your center agitator
  • Along the top rim of the drum of your washing machine

How to clean the filter for the first time.


A dirty filter might be the reason why your machine is not working properly!


Now I know why our washer keeps stopping in the middle of the cycle. Learned this from TikTok @lizaberris @katlynherrera

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Here's how to clean your washing machine!

Did you clean the filters before? Will you do it now?