Pizzerias are now selling pizza kits so families can make their own pizza at home!

A great way to spend some family time during the isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The Coronavirus pandemic had a lot of restaurant closed down sitting section to promote social distancing and some of them have been struggling financially by only offering take-out. However, Capos Pizzeria, a pizzeria in San Antonio, Texas came up with a fun idea during these difficult times! They are now offering meal kits to make your own pizza at home, a great activity for all the family!

Photo : Facebook - Capo's Pizzeria on Blanco

The box includes three dough balls freshly made, sauce for the pizza, cheese and pepperoni. This pizza kit will cost you $12.99 and you will be able to make three pizzas with one box. Should be enough to feed the whole family! You can always add your own toppings at home and really personalized it according to your taste. Let the kids participate in this fun activity! 

“Lots of restaurants are coming up with creative ways to survive the crazy times we are in these days, and we thought this was a neat kit for families and couples to do together,” said the pizzera co-owner Mark Mulroy.

Another pizzeria in West Palm Beach, Florida had the same idea and is selling pizza kits for only $10.

The kids seem to really enjoy it!

You guys look great !

Posted by Big Apple Pizza on Monday, March 23, 2020

This is a great idea to entertain the kids and you even get dinner ready at the same time!

Are you missing eating out? Are you still getting take-out food?