Proud moms show off their postpartum bodies on social media!

The proud moms wanted to show that all body types are beautiful!

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Having a baby is a life changing experience, it changes your sleep schedule, your life priorities and the mother's body! A lot of people except that the body just go back to normal after birth, but that is not the case for most woman (besides the very lucky ones!). 

Bethanie Garcia is a proud mom of four little ones that wanted to show the world what postpartum bodies really look like. Garcia with her friends created the hashtag #this_is_postpartum to inviter other moms to celebrate their new bodies! 

The four friends took a picture of their postpartum bodies and posted them on different Instagram accounts that went viral! The women wanted to show to all bodies are beautiful and that moms should be proud of themselves.

This movement got other mothers to share their experiences on social media.

Meg Boggs shared that she refused to take pictures with her daughter in the first months of her life because she was too ashamed of the body! She know regrets it deeply and hope new-moms will be more confident.

Ashley Dorough says : “When I look in the mirror right now, at this stomach, I feel like my body is a little destroyed. I just want women to know that it’s normal to feel this way but it doesn’t have to define you.”

Desiree Fortin shares that her stretch marks are like open wounds :

“They are the road map to my motherhood. They are a representation of my three miracle babies who I would not have if I did not walk through infertility and carry three human beings at one time.”


How did you body healed after birth? What do you think of these moms exposing their bodies on social media?