Rather than throwing away your bottles, here are ways to use them all over the house!

Ideas for everyone!

Tips and Crafts

Rather than systematically throw all the glass bottles in the recycling bin, why not take a few minutes to think about what could be done by transforming them to give them a second life? As a good handyman, it should not even be a chore! But a hobby!

Here you will find excellent ways to transform glass bottles to decorate the house!

A beautiful decoration for the spring

When we find such beautiful bottles, it is obvious that as a handyman, the first reflex that we have is to ask: "But what could I do with these beautiful bottles !? I think this person had THE BEST idea! That's wonderful!

Display your most beautiful photos

Do you like it?

Print your most beautiful photos in black and white, you can put them in bottles to make a beautiful decoration on a piece of furniture of the house.

A very modern decoration, perfect for an urban or industrial decoration.

Use 3D painting to make dots here and there or to draw lines. Then apply metallic paint.

Decorate them with an old book

Simple, pretty and so easy to make!

Get an old and damaged book and cut out the shapes of your choice

Once the bottle is painted with white acrylic paint, glue the paper with Mod Podge

Perfect for cleaning!

Did you know that Perrier bottles can become a spray bottle? YES YES! Try it! If your bottle is broken, you'll have an alternative!

Romantic candle holders

So simple, so beautiful and so easy and economical to make ... Buy a bottle of silver spray paint and spray the bottles of wine following the instructions of the spray paint. Respect distance, drying time between coats and the ambient temperature to avoid bubbles and marks on the bottles. You will get these beautiful and romantic candle holders.

A simple autumn decoration

Some black matt spray paint and self-adhesive golden letters will make a nice fall decoration!

A beautiful bird feeder

Do you like wood? Here is a very nice project! Get a bottle of your favorite liquor! And the birds will be eternally grateful to you!