Recycle your old utensils!

Original ideas to recycle and incorporate them into your decor!

Tips and Crafts

Recycle your knives, forks and spoons!

Do you have old utensils that you no longer use?

I am not talking here about the superb silver cutlery of your grandmother or your ancestors, but of old utensils that have had their day and are not worth a fortune!

There are all kinds of ways to recycle them and add them to your decor!

Look at the following; you may want to recycle them instead of throwing them away!

Good recycling!

First idea

Remember what you planted by creating garden markers. Hammer the top of a spoon flat and stick the bottom to the ground. You can stamp plant names or use a marker (simpler) to identify them.

Second idea

Do you need a place to hang your kitchen gloves and dish towels? You can turn your utensils into adorable hooks. Simply bend your utensils to shape a hook and drill a hole through the top so that you can nail it to the wall. You can also do as in the picture.

Third idea

Bend a fork back, place a name card between the tines and place one in each seat for your guests. You can also add a towel and use it as a towel rack. I love this idea!

Fourth idea

Create classy kitchen artwork with your old utensils. Paint them with a coat of paint, then arrange them in a frame. It's really original and it can also be a fun project to do with children!

Fifth idea

Do you like unique jewelry? Just bend your utensil to fit your wrist. You can also shape the tines to add a touch of decoration and to avoid stinging!

Sixth idea

We can make a fun lamp with plastic utensils!

Seventh idea

Fold a spoon in the shape of a furniture handle and drill two holes to install it on the front of the drawer.

Eighth idea

Use your utensils to create a beautiful focal room in your home. Take a mirror and stick some forks, knives and spoons!

Ninth idea

Create beautiful towel rails with your old utensils. Just fold the utensils so that they can hold your napkin in place. You can also stamp them to personalize them.

Tenth idea

You can create a chandelier that is original! It is an element of decoration that will get people talking!

Eleventh idea

Display your photos using utensils! You can organize them by placing your photos between spikes and in all kinds of original ways.

Twelfth idea

Create beautiful garden art objects with your old cutlery. This dragonfly was made from butter knives.

It's crazy all you can do with old utensils! Is there an idea that you like?