Remove all hair from your armpits in just 2 minutes with this impressive trick!

No need to shave, it's much better!

Tips and Crafts

How do you remove the hair from you armpits: waxing, with a razor, with a depilatory cream, electrolysis, laser?

And if I told you that with some ingredients you surely have at home, you can get rid of these hair naturally without spending any money for care or products?

Sugar and Lemon: Mix 3 spoons of white sugar and a bit of lemon juice to make a paste with the sugar. Apply the paste in the direction of the hair, wait 2 minutes, then wipe with a washcloth, always in the direction of the hair. Repeat as often as necessary.

Corn flour: Mix one egg white and 1 tablespoon of cornflour. It must be a paste, so add corn flour if needed. Apply the paste to the hair and let it harden. By washing your armpits, the hair will be easily removed. [pub]

Milk and turmeric: Make a paste with turmeric and some milk. Cover the hair with this paste, let it dry completely before rinsing.

These tricks work less well on the hard and thick hair, but they work wonderfully in all other cases!