Rent this windmill home where Marilyn Monroe lived!

An original holiday home!

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This former windmill has been rented by Marilyn Monroe!

In 1957, Marilyn Monroe and playwright Arthur Miller rented 64 Deep Lane in East Hampton, an unusual property that included a working windmill from the time it was built in 1830 up until the 1950s.

This rather original residence is on the rental market again.

Would you like to sleep in a place where Marilyn Monroe has already lived? Take out your wallet because for 55 000 dollars you could live in it from May to September!

Forget the outrageous price and let's take a look inside! Here are the photos of the interior!

Good visit!

5 acres plot

The house sits on a huge 5.45-acre plot in the Amagansett hamlet of East Hampton.

A 1,100 square foot house

This atypical residence offers over 1,000 square feet of living space across two floors. The outside is very beautiful!

Living room

The living room is on the ground floor of the windmill. The room, simply decorated, has simple furniture, a television, and windows all around the base of the windmill!

Apparently other celebrities lived in this windmill home!


The small house has two bedrooms. We can't denied the fact that the decor of this house is simple. This room has a French door that opens to the outside. The small bedroom has a double bed and a beautiful natural light. It's simple and it's still lovely !

Second room

The second bedroom is a little bit larger but it provides a decor in relation with the rest of this house. You can see the steps to go upstairs.

A bathroom

The original little house has only one bathroom, but it features modern amenities in a classic style.

The kitchen

The kitchen is very small but you will find everything you need to cook good meals! I like its old-fashioned style.

The structure

This place seems to be used as a closet; you can admire the structure at the same time!


The exterior includes a terrace and plenty of space for outdoor entertaining.

$ 55,000

For about $ 55,000 you could rent this atypical house, from May to September! Keep in mind that the windmill is located on a huge plot. The nearest beach is a 28-minute walk away. The house is also close to the means of transport.

If we forget the fact that the beautiful Marilyn Monroe lived there for a while, the windmill is still nice!