Save space in your home with these corner storage ideas.

Storage space for all rooms in the house.

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Corner storage.

When you think about it, when you look in the corners of a room, you quickly see that there is a lot of space just waiting to be used. Many of these corner storage ideas can be realized with some good tools and some manual work.

Some projects require more planning, but these ideas inspire us to use these unused spaces.

You will love having new storage spaces to organize your home.

With a little creativity, you can find original ways to store just about anything.

First storage

This storage is very convenient for small entryways.

Second storage

A corner bench adds more space to sit and also more storage.

Third storage

No more mess with stuffed animals !

Fourth storage

Drawers specially built for the corners.

Fifth storage

When a bedroom is tiny, we must often use originality to find a way to place a small shelf next to the bed.

Sixth storage

This storage for wine bottles is great!

Seventh storage

If you like to recycle materials and add a nice touch to your decor, this corner storage is easily achievable.

Eighth storage

This entry bench with corner shelves is practical and pretty.

Ninth storage

We rarely think about installing appliances in a corner but the result is surprising !

Tenth storage

This storage for toys is simple but effective. If you have a small bedroom, this corner storage can help keep the room organized.

Eleventh storage

Modern isn't it? This kind of corner shelf looks nice in a contemporary-style living room.

Twelfth storage

A lazy Susan in the corner cabinets is perfect for food, oils etc.

Thirteenth storage

This storage for wine, coffee and cups is definitely my favorite storage from this list!

Fourteenth storage

This corner storage idea is very easy to make!

Fifteenth storage

This corner storage is modern, original and practical!

Sixteenth storage

What do you think of this kitchen ?

Seventeenth storage

This simple storage with corner shelves is a simple way to add space in a small kitchen.

Eighteenth storage

This corner bench offers a nice place to have breakfast in the morning.

Nineteenth storage

Smart isn't it? These shelves in the shower keeps the toiletries organized!

Twentieth storage

Here is a convenient storage for the toaster and coffee maker ! Enjoy!