Say bye to limescale residue on your shower doors: This tip is like a magic wand.

Hard water stains will be eliminated as if by magic!

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Are you tired of limescale and soap stains on your shower glass doors? We have the tip for you!

As presented on the websiteThis Grandma is Fun, we offer you to make a small "magic wand" filled with good things to eliminate hard water stains almost instantly and effortlessly:

* Buy a non-abrasive sponge with built-in handle ( we can find them in dollar stores in the kitchen accessories section).

* In the handle, add 1 tsp. concentrated dishwashing detergent (Blue Dawn is always recommended) and 1 drop of Finish Jet Dry for the dishwasher.

* Fill the handle with water, taking care to leave a small space.

* All you have to do is let the magic work by gently rubbing your shower glasses with circular motions.

* In minutes and almost effortlessly, your windows will sparkle clean and the hard water stains will be gone as if by magic.

* Rinse with clear water and pass a squeegee for a flawless finish.

** Tip: Always leave your "magic wand" in the shower. This way, you will be able to maintain the windows clean easily, which will save you time in the future!