See how this man transformed this old church into a lovely residence!

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The beautiful transformation of an old church!

All it took for Hugh Molten to consider a dilapidated old church (that had been on the market for over a year) was his father saying, "But Hugh, you could keep your motorcycles inside!"

Hugh Molten decided to buy the 1,600-square-foot former house of worship in South Carolina and turn it into his own personal sanctuary.

Hugh originally had the vision to simply clean the building, and live in the building without much renovation. He would have installed a small shower in the corner, stainless steel countertops for the kitchen and that's it. Hugh confesses that the process was more complicated ...


The banks wanted the space to become more conventional, more like a house, and as Hugh had to wait for the right permits to start renovating the church, he had plenty of time to research and plan the house of his dreams. As you can see, the little church needed love!


You had to be able to imagine the interior completely transformed ! But wait to see what Hugh did with this little church; it's almost incredible!

Interior, after

The lounge offers an unexpected place where Hugh can park his motorcycle! Hugh says he stayed up every night researching the changes he wanted to make and how he was going to achieve his goals.

Living room, another view

Looking at the old church from the outside, we do not expect such a big interior ! Hugh worked on the transformation of this church for 1 year.

Dining room

The dining room doesn't lack charm ! A church bench is used in the dining room.

A church that is part of history

"I realized that the church was really part of the community," says Hugh. During construction, the neighbors stopped by and shared stories about that church.


Originally, Hugh thought he wanted to have the entire little house in white, including the ceiling. He quickly realized that it would have been terrible!

He decided to paint the ceiling in black, to contrast with the white walls and colored accessories.


Hugh decided to add a second bedroom and a second bathroom. Notice the huge shower that opens on the outdoor! You will see in the next pictures, the second bathroom.

An eclectic decor

Hugh says that he decorated his house with objects found here and there, like this painting he found in garbage.


The kitchen is new, nice and very modern !

The kitchen, again

All these details are very impressive, here are more photos! I love the countertops!

Lots of storage

This little church has become a house with lots of storage!

Guest Room

The guest room is nice and also serves as an office when Hugh has no guests.

Second bathroom

The second bathroom has a bright red vanity! The decor is absolutely not boring!

A concrete floor

Hugh admits he loves his concrete floor; I admit that it's easier to clean !

Do you like it ?

What do you think of this church now ? I like the idea of giving a second life to an abandoned church, and you ?