See why these 10 foods do not keep in the fridge ...

Quickly, take these food out of the refrigerator!

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Published 6 years ago
See why these 10 foods do not keep in the fridge ...
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Food conservation is increasingly important because they are increasingly transformed and increasingly fragile to bacteria (and I am not talking about good bacteria here!) ...

There are some foods left in the refrigerator, because we think this will help them to preserve themselves for longer ... This may be true in some cases, but for others it is quite the opposite! Here are ten foods you should not keep in the refrigerator:

1. Onions

The cold and moisture of the refrigerator will make your onions oxidize. This will hurt the texture (they will be softer) and taste. Store in the pantry, away from light.

2. Potatoes

The moisture will germinate your potatoes faster in addition to decomposing the starch present in the flesh. In addition to losing them faster, you will alter the taste by putting them in the fridge. Like onions, store them in the cabinet, away from light.

3. Tomatoes

Do not put your tomatoes in the fridge, they will not taste good! Put them in your fruit basket and let them sunbathe, they will be more juicy and more tasty!

4. Coffee

Coffee, whether ground or not, is a real sponge! It will absorb all the bad odors of the refrigerator ... The coffee is fragile, the drastic temperature changes it, so when it passes from your fridge to the boiling water of your coffeemaker, it loses its taste!

5. Bananas

In fact, what the cold causes to bananas is the cessation of ripening. If you put them in the fridge, it may take a long time to see them become yellow ... However, if you are afraid of losing bananas that are getting too ripe, put them in the fridge to stop ripening. The peel will turn brown or black, but the banana will be good!

6. Garlic

It is the same principle as with onion, the garlic will germinate quickly in the refrigerator. Garlic must be kept in a holed terracotta container or in a holed paper bag as well.

7. Avocados

In the fridge, the ripening of avocados is slowed down and they lose their flavor. Keep them in the fruit basket, on the counter, in the sun.

8. Bread

Bread consists of yeasts, living microorganisms that can not survive in the fridge! Everything is altered in the fridge: the texture, the flavor and its storage time. In the bread box on the counter or in the cupboard, it's its place!

9. Honey

The cold will make it crystallize! It can even turn into a dough ... Honey is a food that keeps almost a lifetime in the cabinet, do not put it in the fridge!

10. The oil

If you put it in the fridge, it will freeze! Whether it is olive oil, coconut oil, canola or sunflower oil, it will become as strong as butter. This is not very practical when you need it right away!

So, do you have many habits to change?


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