Seeing his wife coming back with 20 pink flamingos, he laughs at her and her tastes! Until he sees her borderline genius idea!

It's so good!

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Unless you want to wish a birthday in a funny way to someone by placing pink flamingos everywhere on his pitch, it's a very long time ago that pink flamingos are no longer in fashion!

These plastic decorations have been very fashionable for a long time, but we have used them everywhere too much! Despite being made of beautiful metal versions now ...

Anyway, if I had to come home with 20 flamingos to decorate my garden too, I think it would be a good cause of arguing at home!

Unless you do like these absolutely great ideas for .....


Use black and red paint for Krylon plastic to paint pink flamingos so they look like vultures! Use feathers to make collars for the vultures or even cotton wool!

What an amazing idea!

Spray black paint for the Krylon plastic and paint the vulture skeletons with acrylic white paint. Then spray several layers of outer acrylic varnish for the plastic.

Get plastic human body members at the Dollarstore and put them on the ground, as if the vultures had just eaten the rest of the bodies.