She applies some glue on a wood block ... His gift idea is the best one out there!

Have fun times with your children and offer a wonderful gift!

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((5 homemade gift ideas))

Want to offer a gift to a family member, friends or even your child's teacher?

Here is an opportunity to have fun times with your children and offer a wonderful gift! 

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Get an apron and a tote bag. Grab some fabric paint. With children’s feet and hands, create fun paintings to decorate aprons and tote bags you previously bought. 


Want to give to someone who loves reading? Use a coffee stirrer and some foam to make a beautiful tulip bookmark!

NOTE: Just draw around the kids’ hands and cut a hand-shaped length of foam!


The person like to garden? Grab some wooden spoons, scrapbooking paper, paint and exterior acrylic varnish and DIY garden markers! They will love to name their flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables! Decorate the spoons and give them a Sharpie so they can name their flowers themselves!


Video Screenshot

DIY a beautiful picture frame that you can paint the color of your choice. Then, grab a carton of eggs to create beautiful flowers that you will stick on the frame. You can learn how to make these flowers in the video below.

The video tutorial!


This idea is one of my favorites!

You can make wooden blocks with photos of your loved ones!


- Beautiful pictures that you will have printed (on your software, flip the photos as if you were looking in a mirror)
-Wood Blocks. Choose your format ---> RIGHT HERE
-Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish ---> RIGHT HERE
-Matte Acrylic Medium Gel ---> RIGHT HERE
-A clean cloth
-And some water


1) Cover wood with Matte Acrylic Medium Gel
2) Place paper picture face down
3) Smooth out all bubbles
4) Let dry overnight
5) Wet surface
6) Gently rub wetted paper off
7) Clean all paper residue off
8) Cover with Mod Podge to protect and varnish