She crushes cement in a bowl with a small bowl! In 5 minutes she makes an accessory that everyone loves!

It is so easy to do, that you could even offer as a gift!

Tips and Crafts

You would like to have a small gas fireplace as a centerpiece but you find them too expensive?

If you knew how easy they are to make! By watching this video, you will want to make one too!


-A large plastic bowl
-A little smaller bowl
-Quick-setting cement
-Mask and gloves
-A brick for the weight
-A gas rod
-Chicken wire
-Cutting pliers
-Decorative stones


1) Wear mask and gloves to work
2) Prepare the cement following the instructions on the packaging
3) Put the cement in up to 3/4 of the large bowl
4) Place the smallest bowl on the cement and press the bowl to raise the cement to the edges of the large bowl
5) Place the brick or a weight in the small bowl
6) Allow to dry according to the instructions on the packaging
7) Once the cement is dry, remove the cement bowl from the 2 plastic bowls
8) You can leave the cement bowl like it is or sand the edges with sandpaper
9) Place the gas rod from the cement bowl
10) Place the chicken wire on top
11) Place the decorative fireplace stones leaving a space at the center
12) Turn on the gas box