She cuts a pool noodle and puts it in her car. When she pulls it out, everyone is impressed!

An easy trick to change bad habits!

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This mother who always goes shopping with her baby was worried that her young child, like almost all children of that age, put her mouth directly on the trolley handle, where hundreds of people (thousands ?) put their dirty hands...

Just try to imagine what those thousands of hands touched before holding the trolley handle ... Wow!

A good habit to take is to always have at least disinfectant wipes to clean this kind of surface.

A 2ndoption is to bring a pool noodle already cut along the length. When you install your baby in the seat of the shopping trolley, just slip the pool noodle on the handle! [pub]

Soon baby will stop putting his mouth everywhere, but in the meantime, it's really a good habit to take to protect him against potential bad germs!