She cuts pool noodles in several sections and wraps them. Her decoration is wonderful!

Want an original decoration for the house? This one is made in less than an hour and it is wonderful!

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Are you looking for a decoration large enough or big enough to cover an empty wall or a chimney? This idea is also perfect as a decoration that would be put on the ground against an empty wall.

You can do like this blogger who had the idea to use pool noodles and an adhesive to make decorative "false logs" to put on her fireplace.

This decoration is really easy to make and is very cheap, especially if you imagine how much a decoration of the same kind would cost in a store!

She used 6 pool noodles3 rolls of prepasted Wallpaperacrylic paint and decorative raw rope.

Cut the noodles into several different lengths.

Place noodles where you want and adjust the length.

When all your noodles are cut, wrap them with the prepasted wallpaper.

Then wrap them with paint in a paler brown tone than your wallpaper to improve the imitation of natural wood.

Tie your noodles with decorative rope or a large ribbon. [pub]

She even made a smaller version to put on a side table.