She gets a board and a dark dye! She makes the centerpiece of the room, for a very small price!

What a wonderful idea, very easy to do and cheap!

Tips and Crafts

Get wooden planks, and make this beautiful headboard, for a ridiculously lower price than she paid! And your headboard will have even more charm than hers!

If you buy pine boards in store, you can pay less than $150.


-5 pine boards of 2.54x20.32 (1x8) inches to the width of your bed
-2 pine boards of 2.54x10.16 (1x4) cut to the height you want the headboard
-2 pine boards for the support
-Sandpaper for sanding boards
-A rag
-Dark dye
-A brush
-Wood screws of 3.81 cm (1 1/2")
-An electric drill
-2 pancake boxes
-2 wall lights
-2 power cords


1) Arrange the 2.54x20,32 (1x8) boards on the ground in front of you. This will form the headboard
2) Place the 2 boards of 2.54x10.16 (1x4) cut at the height of your headboard on each side. These will be the sides of your headboard
3) Place 2 smaller pieces of 2.54x10.16 (1x4) along the pieces (1x8) for more support
4) Sand all wood surfaces until they are smooth and wipe the dust with a damp cloth
5) Once the wood is dry, you can dye the boards with the brush and wipe excess dye with a clean cloth to give a rustic wood effect. Let dry
6) Re-arrange the boards to form the headboard
7) Fix the 2 pancake boxes in front of the headboard with wood screws to anchor the lighting
8) Drill holes in the headboard where there are holes in the pancake box to pass the wires
9) Pass power cord through the holes. Match the white cord to the power cord. Secure with an electric cap (usually supplied with the light). Match the black cord of the wall light to the black cord of the power cord. Secure with an electric cap
10) Close the lid of the light. Plug the end of the power cord into a surge protector or wall socket

Done! You have just made a beautiful headboard with a very small budget!