She glues 24 rolls of toilet paper ... But why does she place a cardboard on top?

Well, that's quite a surprise, I was not expecting that!

Tips and Crafts

Recently, I was looking to buy an organizer for my DIY workshop but I didn't find anything, I found them too expensive. On the internet, I found how to make one for a few dollars, I was so thrilled! See how to make an office organizer:

You will need:

- 24 rolls of toilet paper

- A hot glue gun

- A piece of thick cardboard of 7 1/4 "x 10 3/4"

- Spray paint of the color of your choice

You must :

  • Glue the rolls together using hot glue to form 4 rows of 6 rolls.
  • Then glue the carton to the base of the rolls.
  • Paint and that's it!

It's beautiful, practical, economical and good for the environment!