She knows all the good tips to wear a pair of jeans too tight! Even the most extreme!

She managed to enlarge them just enough to be able to wear them!

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She knows all the good tips to wear a pair of jeans too tight! Even the most extreme!

It is horrible when we wear jeans and we realize that they are too tight! And usually, it happens with our favorite pair of jeans, the one that suits us so well ...

Get your jeans too tight out of your drawer, this blogger has 5 ideas, they are so amazing!

Take a bath with your jeans!

It works! Fill the bath with lukewarm water and take a bath with your jeans on, just enough to moisten the fabric. Afterwards, dry with a towel and then stretch and flex to stretch the fabric. Squat down, raise your legs in the air, bend down to touch your toes ...

Take off the jeans, and let air dry. Once the jeans are dry, repeat the same stretching routine: you should be able to wear it!

Stuff your pair of jeans with bags! 

If taking a bath with your jeans does not tempt you at all (we wonder why!). Soak your jeans and stuff them with plastic bags already stuffed with towels. Let the jeans dry and repeat this operation: soak the jeans, stuff them enough to stretch the fabric, let them dry, and so on. Let the fabric enlarge.

Thighs are too tight?

If your jeans are too tight, only wet the thighs of the jeans, wear them, sit on your bed and make circles with your legs like you were riding a bike. They will stretch the jeans. Make large and dynamic movements! [pub]

With a towel

Here is another tip that can help you to stretch your jeans. Moisten a thick towel with hot water, and wrap your jeans in the towel. Allow the fabric to moisten. When the jeans is well moist, put it on the floor, place one foot on the waist and with your other foot, pull on the legs. Go ahead pretty vigorously.

Wear your pair of jeans and sprinkle

When you wear your pants, spray water (just a small pschitt) on the area where your jeans are tightest. When they dry, your jeans will adapt to your shapes, and it will be easier to walk!

When you have enlarged your jeans, do not put it in the dryer. Stretch your pants thoroughly after washing and let it air dry.