She lets this jar in her kitchen and everyone jumps of fright seeing it! Discover her easy tip to do it!

It's mind-boggling to see how real it looks!

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Have you ever seen the trick of inserting a printed face into a jar of water to make a scary Halloween decoration?

Let's admit it, it is very successful! But after seeing this one, the old version has nothing similar !!

First it was really more complicated to do compared to this one! Because not everybody has a printer! But I will still show you at the bottom the printed paper version. Well this time, it's Michelle from Crafty Morning who teaches us to make a version that is much more realistic!

You also prefer this improved version and you would like to do it?


-A large jar of pickles (or another similar jar)
-Some water
-A rubber mask
-Light sticks (Optional)


1) Choose scary masks!

2) Add the mask to a jar and add some water!

3) You can add light sticks behind the eyes to decorate in the evening

The effect is surprising !! MouhaHAhaHAhhAHAhAHA !!!!

4) Once Halloween has passed, remove the mask to dry it and empty the jar!

Here is the printed paper version that we all know!