She put some tape on her floor. A few minutes later, a really strange phenomenon occurs!

It's so curious as a phenomenon!

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I don't know why they do this, but it's fascinating to observe!

I'm talking about this phenomenon on social networks: have you seen these photos published by cat owners who have a strange experience?You've probably noticed this phenomenon in photos on social networks: have you noticed the pictures published by cat's owners who have had this strange experience?

People are simply putting tape on a floor in the form a square or a rectangle.  They wait a little and soon observe that cats absolutely can not resist: they must enter and stay "in the box"!

The fascination of the cats with boxes is legendary, and this phenomenon proves that even when the box does not exist, even when there are only lines on the ground, cats are drawn there anyway!

Here's proof! [pub]

Some cats refused to cooperate ... But the box that does not exist intrigues them anyway!

Put some tape on your floor as in the photos, and tell us what your cat does: does it fall into the trap or does it resist?