She puts a vase in another and adds pebbles. When she pours the water, the magic happens!

A great home decor idea!

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The candles set the mood everywhere: during a dinner, a romantic evening, a party on the terrace ...

For a spectacular decoration, what do you think about a candle ... underwater?

Here's how to do it!

What do you need:

  • 1 high and wide vase
  • 1 high but narrow vase
  • Flat stones, pebbles, stone dust, etc.
  • Aquatic plants or artificial aquarium plants

Put the narrow vase in the large vase and place heavy stones in the bottom. When you add water, the vase must remain at the bottom. So a good base of stones is necessary.

Put stones, pebbles or stone dust (or all of them!) between the 2 vases. It's decorative, so you have to chose the colors you like.

Add the aquatic plants by fixing them well at the bottom with the stones so that they do not float.

Put a candle in the middle vase and pour water between the 2 vases.

And here you are ! You have the most beautiful underwater candle!

She did another version, more refined, for the living room.

You can see all the preparation in this video. [pub]