She puts her eggs in a cup and then in a pan

This cooking tip is awesome!

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Cook eight poached eggs perfectly ... we show you how to do it.

First of all, we use a large skillet with a lid instead of the saucepan. You can cook a bigger amount of eggs at the same time, and the shallow sides of the skillet prevent the yolks from getting break when transferring to boiling water.

Then add a little bit of white vinegar to prevent the eggs from fraying in the water.

You have to make sure the water is boiling, it's very important.

Then you crack two eggs per cup, so you can add all the eggs at the same time.

Once the water is boiling, remove the skillet from the heat and add all the eggs at the same time by immersing the cups and gently letting the eggs flow out.

Place the lid on the pan and let for 5 minutes.

Note that the cooking time for a dozen eggs would be up to 7 minutes.