She recovers fabric scraps and in 40 minutes she realizes an impressive piece!

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When you DIY a lot, you always find yourself with a lot of scraps of fabrics, and what do we do with all that extra fabric?

Unfortunately, the scraps are often too narrow to be able to use them.

Valerie Nesbitt from, (a British youtube channel) did a test! They had no idea what the result will be! Yet she teaches us how to use these scraps of fabrics to make a magnificent piece in 40 minutes! Valerie begins by sewing all the ends of the strips diagonally, at 45°, to make a very very long strip. The strips are all 5.08 cm (2.5 ") wide and 101.6 cm (40") long. She begins by sewing 30 strips to each other.

Once the strips are all sewn together, they bend the strip in half, place it against each other and make a seam. Before reaching the end she cuts the strip in half. Her new piece now has two strips of width.

She folds the strip in two again, and she makes a seam. Again she cuts the strip at the fold. Valerie continues this process until the quilt obtains thirty-two strips of width. It takes 40 minutes.

All that's left is to make her a lining!

You have a lot of fabric scraps? Watch the video to learn how to make a quilt like this!