She removes the label from her chewing gum pots. Why? You will want to do the same!

I know what I will do with mine! I just needed one!

Tips and Crafts

If you hesitate between packs of 3 or 4 chewing gum boxes and those plastic containers that contain as much, if not more, I strongly recommend you to opt for plastic containers.

Why? Because they're ideal to use them for a multitude of things; These are really practical containers as you will see in the photos I have found. And there are enough ideas to use multiple containers, so start keeping them!


For snacks that are easy to carry in the handbag, in the lunch box, in the car or to leave in a drawer in the office: use these containers to put cereals, dried fruit, nuts, etc. . These small type of snacks will be perfect to have at any time for you or the kids.

Food and condiments

These containers are perfect for bringing small portions of several foods or condiments at camping. Spices, sugar, coffee, ketchup, mustard, you will have everything without taking up much space.

The leftovers

To preserve limes and lemons, sauces, dips and other small leftovers, they will always be practical.


We were talking about camping earlier: your wooden matches will be well protected in a chewing gum container. If you also stick a piece of sandpaper into the lid, you will have everything you need to light a fire. [pub]


If they are not protected, the earphones become tangled and break. Instead, store them in a chewing gum container.

Workshop and garage

The screws, nails and all these small parts that you want to access quickly will be perfectly stored in these small plastic containers.

Travel size container

They are also perfect for carrying Q-tip, make-up cottons, hairpins and other hygiene and holiday care items. They do not take up much space in the luggage and you will still have everything in hand.


As they fit perfectly into the cup holders of the car, larger containers will serve as storage compartments to prevent it from lying around in the car. For money, keys, phone's charger wire, a pencil etc. When everything is at the same place, it's easier to get what you want quickly.