She removes the slats from her IKEA box springs, then hangs them on her wall. Her idea is awesome.

Here is a tip you should know. It's really brilliant!

Tips and Crafts

Buying IKEA furniture can be a good idea for the price, or if you move regularly, you can easily take the furniture apart for easy transport. You can also buy these furniture for their versatility. Indeed, these furniture can be used in a way quite different from what it was originally planned.

Here are some tips and crafts you can make with IKEA furniture. You will see, it's great!

Take a wooden box spring in order to remove the slats.

Once the slats removed, they will be very useful to make a really great use!

Hang the slats on your wall to organize your desk efficiently.

Great for the bathroom! Save a lot of space by hanging these slats on the wall of your bathroom.

Once again, you'll have everything accessible by hanging these slats in your kitchen.

Your closet is messy? Install these slats on your wall and find space while being well organized.

If you have children, you know that it is not always easy to store all the coats and then find them again.

Here's another great idea to make with IKEA slatted bed base.

Your jewels stay in the bottom of a drawer? Highlight your jewels and find them easily thanks to this same tip!

But these slats are not only useful on a bed base or a wall. Indeed, some even created pretty wooden chests with these same slats!


You can even make a folding chair!

Some even created a beautiful wooden desk!