She solves a problem that all women know, simply by folding a metal hanger ...

Her idea is so great, I make it tonight!

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Storing flip-flop and ballet flats is never easy ... They fall from shoe "racks"and they lie around in the entrance and in the room.

This woman had a great idea to store them! She uses metal hangers ... It's easy, see:

Cut the bottom line on the hanger (use a "cutter").

Using needle nose pliers, bend the branches of the hanger, then make a small ring in the ends.

It's up to you, but you can paint them if you want.

You can make this even more cute, by wrapping it with a strip of decorative paper.

That's the result!

It's cute and very useful!

And here's the result for for flip-flops.

And for ballet flats!

This storage tip is simple, cheap and cute!