She sticks painters tape on the wall of her room ... 5 hours later? The illusion is absolutely perfect!

This economic idea gives a magnificent result!

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I am so happy to know this decoration idea: it saves you money while getting a room like nobody else will have, for the price of 2 gallons of paint and painters tape.

You'll see, it's absolutely beautiful!

First she stuck the painters tape on her wall: her lines are not straight and it is voluntary.

After covering the wall with vertical painters tape, she cut smaller pieces of painters tape to connect them horizontally to create shapes of different sizes.

Then she applied 2 layers of grey paint and let dry for 4 hours.

When the paint was dry, she removed all the tapes. It's faster to remove than to stick!

And the result is a wall that seems cover with wallpaper ... but it' not!

As you can see, this is an cheap alternative, but it gives a unique finish to the room. Another not insignificant advantage: when she wants to change the decor, she will not have to remove the wallpaper, she will only have to paint over it. [pub]