She thought her awful kimono would be more beautiful on somebody else, she gets fabric and does a completely crazy project!

She has amazing ideas to create beautiful projects!

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Another project of the talented artist Emily Seilhamer from the Facebook page Artistry and Upcycling by Emily Seilhamer!

She really collects everything and does miracles with her 10 fingers!

I presented you the project of lampshade made with orange pill bottles?

Well this time the kimono she did not like at all on her, would make a beautiful fabric to stuff a chair!

She has changed the color of the chair!

She has awesome ideas!

Truly.... You like her kimono? Wait to see what she's done with it! It's 100 times more beautiful!

Ewww .... Who would like this horror!

Painted in white it is less worse!

She picked up the pieces of fabric to make her patterns! Smart girl!

Very talented too! Her work is outstanding!

You have to stuff it now!

And here it is! Do you prefer the Kimono or the chair?


With sunlight the colors are amazing!

A perfect chair for a terrace or a solarium!

You noticed she painted the hollow lines in purple?

Honestly the fabric of the kimono is prettier here!