Shh! Plumbers don't want us to know this!

Why call a plumber when you can do as well?

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Whether we like it or not, it always happens once in a while: the toilet clogs! You flush and the the toilet bowl doesn’t empty!

Before calling the plumber to unclog your bathroom, follow these 3 easy steps that are very effective in most cases of clogged toilets.

Turn off the water inlet

As soon as possible, turn off the water inlet at the back of the toilet. Then, lift the top of the tank and close the bottom cap to turn off the water supply to the toilet bowl.

Hot water

Pour one bucket of boiling water in the toilet bowl: don’t overflow! Usually, boiling water is effective to remove the clog.

Dish soap

If the results are not good, repeat the operation, but this time add a few drops of dish soap into the bowl, then add boiling water. Dishwashing soap is an effective degreaser that will help to unclog the toilet.

Thanks to these 3 steps, you be able to quickly unclog your toilet. If the situation come back often, call a plumber who will detect the source of the problem and will fix it.