Simple and practical ideas for a well-organized laundry room and bathroom

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Simple and practical ideas for a well-organized laundry room and bathroom

A laundry room and a bathroom can easily become messy, especially if you are a big family.

However, website has listed several simple and inexpensive solutions to organize your space in your own way.

1. Use spaces in the closet.

If it's possible for you to stack your washing machine and dryer, you'll save space and make a better use of your closet.

2. Add baskets

In order to organize your detergents, tools and clothes, baskets are not only useful but add an cute decoration to your laundry room.

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3. Add storage behind the doors

Use the inside of your doors to place something like in this picture.

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4. Use drawers

If you have a little space between your washer and dryer, a filing cabinet will allow you to occupy the space and avoid cluttering cabinets and closets.


5. Add shelves

If you have a tiny room, simply install shelves to have more storage in height.

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6. Rolling cabinets

With a little bit of DIY, turn your cabinets into easy-to-reach storage space.

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7. Different baskets in height

This will allow you to easily sort the white from other colors and do your washing without any bother!

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8. Masson jars

This is an idea both decorative and useful! Masson jars provide extra storage space while adding a rustic touch to your decor

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9. Use magnets

You will no longer lose your hair clips, scissors and nail clippers and they will remain at your disposal.

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