'Spider Apocalypse': Australia covered with endless spider cobwebs following flooding.


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As floods hit Australia, the country now faces a "spider apocalypse." Photos taken in Gippsland, eastern Victoria, show spider webs covering many surfaces, making the surroundings look considerably "apocalyptic".

A Reddit user posted the photos along with a caption that reads, "If the floods weren't enough, I give you, spider apocalypse."

According to Professor Dieter Hochuli of the University of Sydney, these are likely leaf-web spiders and it is not uncommon for these to show up after flooding.


Professor Hochuli explained to 7News: "They build a web that is a little bit different to the ones we're more familiar with - like orb webs, their ones are flat and the spiders often live between two layers of webbing.


"When we get these types of very heavy rains and flooding these animals who spend their lives cryptically on the ground can't live there anymore, and do exactly what we try to do - they move to the higher ground."

These images are certainly very terrifying for those who fear spiders, but Macquarie University arachnologist - Dr Lizzy Lowe was keen to assure the public that there was nothing to fear: "Huntsmen don't have very good eyesight. They see light and dark and movement and that's about all," Dr Lowe said to Weatherzone.

"They will never intentionally run towards you because they're small and not highly venomous. They can bite you, but they won't do any harm.

"Huntsmen are super fast but they get confused, so if a huntsman is running towards you, it's confused.

"They're not aggressive spiders at all and they generally stay high up because that's where they're finding the food they want to eat."


The fact remains that even if we know that these spiders are not dangerous, they are images that give a little goosebumps ...

Are you scared of spiders? What would you do if you woke up to a 'Spider Apocalypse'?