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Sprout a lovely pine cone for a really nice fall decoration.

Also a great activity to do with the kids!

Tips and Crafts

The arrival of fall doesn't have to stop you from gardening! In fact, there are many projects you can still accomplish even if the weather is not as friendly. And what says more fall and winter than pine cones?

Yes, you can grow a lovely pine tree from a cone and even use it as the perfect decoration! As a bonus, it's a fun activity to do with the kids!

The process is very simple: just pick a pine cone that is sufficiently ripe and just a little open. It is preferable to clean a little with a brush of any residue such as wet leaves, which can become moldy, and then wait a little until the pine cone has completely dried.


Then, find a cute pot that can fit your pine cone and fill it with soil. Place the pine cone in it with the tip up while barely pushing it into the soil.

You can also use moss to line both the soil and the cracks between the bracts and to decorate your pot.


You will need to water in moderation daily, the best way is to spray water on the pine cone. You can also water more abundantly every two or three days, in order to moisten the pine cones but without causing it to mold.

You should also know that pine cones tend to close when wet, because with humidity they seek to protect the pine nuts that are inside. On the opposite, when the weather is hot and dry they just open.


You could try with pine cones from different trees, or with larches: it's a different and fun way to observe nature! A great teaching opportunity for the kids! 

Do you tend to do less gardening during fall and winter?