Study shows taller women are more likely to have twins.

Moms of twins, are you tall?

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Among the many factors that can cause a woman to have twins, height is one of the most surprising. Yes, women who are taller than average are more likely to experience a large multiple.

This is what a 2006 study confirmed. And here's what to support this research:

1. Tall women have a higher insulin-like growth factor

Gary Steinman, an obstetrician best known for his research on multiple pregnancies, has targeted an insulin-like growth factor, which is directly related to mum's height and twins. It is a hormone that plays an important role in the growth of a child.

2. Size has an influence on the fetus

During his research, Dr. Steinman compared the height of 129 women who gave birth to identical or fraternal twins or triplets. 105 had twins and 24 had triplets. The average height of women in the United States is just under 5'4 ". Mothers of twins / triplets averaged 5'5", so one inch taller than the US average for adult women.

 3. Countries where women are taller have higher twin birth rates

In a previous study, Steinman found that women who consume animal products, especially dairy products, are 5 times more likely to have twins than those who do not. The reason for this can be the growth hormones that are given to the cows.

Bonus: 5 celebrities who have twins

1. Beyoncé, 5’7″

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2. Mariah Carey, 5’8″

3. Amal Clooney, 5’9″


4. Rebecca Romijn, 5’11″

5. Zoe Saldana, 5’7″


What about you? How tall are you?